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    • qyresearch.inc2023/5/6 14:57:13
      Hi. We published A Global and Regional Market Report on PA66 Engineering Plastics 2023 for You and Competitors. If you have further interest in this report or related reports, we would be happy to share the sample report and quotation for your reference. The following manufacturers are covered: Akro-plastic GmbH Asahi Kasei Ascend BASF Celanese CGN Juner New Material ChangShu HuaLin Plastic China Shenma Group Dawn Polymer DSM DuPont EMS-GRIVORY Epone Hangzhou BOSOM New Material Hua Yang Invista Jiangsu Boiln Plastic Jiangsu Huayang Nylon Kingfa Lanxess Nanjing DELLON Nanjing Julong Science & Technology Ningbo EGL New Material Nytex Polystar Engineering Plastics Radici Group Shanghai Hunt Engineering Plastics Shanghai Sunny New Technology Shenma Solvay Xuguang Zhejiang Yongxing New Materials ...... Segment by Type Injection Molding Grade Extrusion Grade Segment by Application Automotive Electrical & Electronics Machinery equipment Others Maybe it will be helpful to the marketing department or the person in charge of your company. We would be grateful if you could forward it.
    • 2022/9/26 21:41:26
      Вoзврат 89 316 р Подробнее: AAAwinbond-cn.comBBB
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